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Study in Singapore Without IELTS In 2024

Do you hope to study in Singapore without IELTS in 2024? Universities now provide admission and scholarships to students who do not have IELTS. International students from all around the world are eligible to apply for Singapore scholarships without taking the IELTS exam. Students who want to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree can take advantage of this option.

Singaporean universities offer almost all academic fields and degrees, with an extensive list of subjects. There are also fully funded scholarships available to help you pay for your studies. Also check South Korea Scholarships In 2024 Without IELTS | Study In Korea

Singapore’s universities are well-known for providing a high-quality education in a multicultural setting. Because Singapore is a major hub for business and innovation, students can build valuable connections and gain real-world experience. Choosing universities that do not require the IELTS test allows students to concentrate on their studies and enjoy learning alongside people from diverse backgrounds.

Studying in Singapore without the IELTS test provides students with access to a top-tier academic system that values innovation and research. In 2024, Singapore will continue to attract students from all over the world due to its flexible English requirements. Students who have taken other English tests or have specialized certifications can readily start studying in Singapore. This reduces impediments and fosters a vibrant academic community in which students from all over can come together to learn and generate new ideas.

How to Apply for Study in Singapore Without IELTS 2024

  1. English-speaking Background: If you come from an English-speaking country like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, IELTS is not required.
  2. Completed an earlier Degree in English: If you have finished both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees using English as the major language, you are exempt from the IELTS requirement.
  3. English Proficiency Report: If your previous degree was completed in English at the same university, please submit a letter indicating your English proficiency.

List of required documents

  • A completed application form (accessible on the different scholarship websites).
  • A statement of purpose, or personal statement, that outlines your academic and career goals.
  • Academic transcripts from previous educational institutions
  • Letters of recommendation from employers, professors, or teachers
  • Proof of proficiency in the teaching language (typically Greek or English, depending on the programme)
  • A copy of your passport or national ID.
  • A detailed resume or CV
  • Proof of financial need (if necessary)
  • A research proposal (if applying for a research-based programme)

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List of Scholarship to study in Singapore without IELTS:

1. Scholarships at the National University of Singapore:

  • This is a fully paid fellowship for outstanding overseas undergraduate students in all fields.
  • Tuition, living expenses, and other costs are fully covered.
  • For more information, click here.

2. Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA):

  • Fully funded by A*STAR, NTU, NUS, and SUTD.
  • Tuition expenses, monthly stipend (SGD 2000–2,500), travel grant (SGD 1500), and settling allowance (SGD 1000) are all included.
  • For more information, click here.

3. Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA):

  • A STAR funds for bachelor’s or master’s degree students.
  • Offers a monthly salary of SGD 1500 for biomedical, scientific, or engineering research.
  • For more information, click here.

4. Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Covers full tuition, airfare, lodging, an annual stipend (SGD 6,000), and a settling-in fee (SGD 200) for ASEAN students studying engineering, computing, and science.
  • For more information, click here.

5. President’s Graduate Fellowship (National University of Singapore):

  • Includes complete tuition, a settling allowance (SGD 1000), a travel allowance (SGD 750), and a monthly stipend (SGD 3000).
  • For more information, click here.

6. INSEAD Scholarships:

  • Awards up to SGD 22,500 for MBA programmes at INSEAD Business School.
  • Academic achievement, financial management, nation-building objectives, and leadership potential are all considered while awarding.
  • For more information, click here.

7. Goh Keng Swee Scholarship:

  • Up to four scholarships are awarded annually to students from 15 Asia-Pacific countries, providing full tuition, return flights, dormitory allowances, maintenance allowances (SGD 6500), and a settling-in stipend (SGD 200).
  • For more information, click here.


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