Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025

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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025

This is the top Canadian government-funded grant for study abroad. Applications for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2025 are currently open. In 2008, this esteemed scholarship was established in memory of Major-General Georges P. Vanier. The Vanier CGS assists Canadian universities in luring exceptionally talented doctorate candidates to study at esteemed Canadian universities. The Vanier CGS awards up to 166 scholarships annually. Citizens of all nations are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The scholarship programme seeks to attract top-tier doctoral candidates and position Canada as a worldwide hub for research and education. The social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health-related fields are among the fields in which students can enrol in the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship programme. Academic excellence, potential for research, and leadership qualities will all play a role in the selection of scholars. Below are more specifics regarding the Vanier CGS 2025, including the prerequisites, advantages, and application procedure. Also check UK Rhodes Scholarships 2025 | Oxford University (Fully Funded)

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 Details

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Host Universities: All Canadian Universities
  • No of Scholarships: 166
  • Who can Apply: Doctoral Students
  • Deadline for Institutes: Nominating Deadline by Canadian Universities: 30th October 2024
  • Deadline for Applicants: Each University has set a different deadline for students to submit applications for Vanier Graduate Scholarship for 2025.

How do scholarships for Vanier Canada work?

All Canadian universities offer the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. In order to be eligible for the Vanier CGS Scholarship, students must apply to a reputable university. Subsequently, the university will suggest the candidate for the Vanier Graduate Scholarship.

Scholarship Worth

The scholars will receive a scholarship of $50,000 annually for a three-year period. It’s a chance to study for a Ph.D. at any Canadian university of choice.

The Fields include natural sciences, engineering, health, and/or social sciences and humanities.

Scholarship Duration

Scholarships are distributed equally between the three federal granting agencies:

Scholarship Award

  • Each year, up to 166 scholarships are given out.
  • There are always 500 scholarships available in total.

Who May Apply:

  • Citizens of Canada
  • Citizens of Canada permanently
  • Foreign nationals

List of Canadian Institutes and Universities Eligible for the 2025 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The universities in Canada that accept applications for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Programme are listed below.

List of Universities

Additionally, you can search for “Vanier Canada Scholarship Universities” on Google. The names of the Canadian universities where you can submit an application for the Vanier CGS will be listed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Foreign nationals, as well as Canadian citizens who are permanent residents, are eligible.
  • Be put forward by a single Canadian institution that has been granted a Vanier CGS quota.
  • Be pursuing your first doctorate (including combined programmes with a demonstrable and substantial research component, such as MD/PhD, DVM/PhD, JD/PhD, or MBA/PhD).
  • The candidate needs to have completed their last two years of study with a first-class average.
    Go over the specifics on the Vanier Eligibility page.

Documents Required:

  1. An application for ResearchNet.
  2. Two letters of recommendation.
  3. A resume or CV.
  4. The contributions to the research do not exceed one page.
  5. A maximum of two-page personal leadership statement
  6. Two letters of recommendation for leadership.
  7. A two-page research proposal, at most.
  8. Up to five pages can be devoted to project preferences.
  9. Academic credentials, transcripts, and awards.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship application process for 2025?

Advice for Prospective Candidates:

  • In order to apply for a Vanier CGS, candidates must confirm that the university they are applying to undertake doctoral study has a Vanier CGS quota.
  • Direct applications for the Vanier scholarship are not accepted. Applications are required for Canadian universities under Vanier Canada. The organisation must submit nominations for candidates.
  • Applying for a Vanier CGS online is possible via ResearchNet
  • You must verify with the university as each one has a different deadline.
  • Only for Vanier is it possible to apply to ONE University. The University will review your application and make a nomination.
  • The Vanier will then decide in the end.




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